Fastest Electric Violinist In The World Ben Lee from Super String Group FUSE with Linzi Stoppard

Electric Violinists Ben Lee is the most decorated World Record holder string player…

The world’s official fastest fiddler Ben Lee from super string group FUSE with Linzi Stoppard can add another string to his bow – he’s been declared the quickest human on the planet.

Talented electric violinist and five-times world speed-violin record holder Ben Lee was awarded the title of World’s Fastest Superhuman for his rendition of The Flight of the Bumblebee, at an average of 15 notes per second.

Ben lee holds the speed record on both electric and acoustci violin.

The result was announced researchers used magnetic electrical pulses to measure brain activity during the tasks.

Ben has played the violin since the age of five. At 16 he was awarded Daily Telegraph Young Jazz Composer Of The Year.

He is one half of rock violin duo Fuse and was the first person to hold the Guinness World Records for the Fastest Violinist In The World in both the electric and acoustic categories.

‘I’ve been challenging myself to play as fast as I can since I was five years old,’ said Mr Lee, who insured his lightening quick fingers for £3million last year.

‘It wasn’t until I had a serious bike accident and nearly lost the ability to play that Linzi Stoppard, my music partner, challenged me to enter the Guinness World Records as the world’s fastest violinist.

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Electric violinist string quartet Linzi Stoppard live concert laser

Electric string act Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee live in concert

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