Fuse Violinists – Better Than An All Female Electric String Quartet

The FUSE Violinists – Better Than An All Female Electric String Quartet

Linzi Stoppard And Ben Lee Are The GOLD Standard In Electric Violin International Master Musicians

* World Record Breakers * Award Winners * BAFTA Nominees

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee make up the breathtaking electric violin duo commonly known as FUSE. They are the most coveted and popular electric violin group in the world, having released their critically acclaimed album of pop rock anthems in conjunction with Universal/Edel records.

Female Electric String Quartet linzi stoppard ben lee gold violinist duo3

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee gold violinist duo

In popular demand, FUSE has performed internationally in several live tours throughout Europe, the United States, India and Asia.

Given their world-class status, FUSE became the first string group ever to be sponsored by Swarovski Crystal, who made for them the world’s first and only crystal embellished electric violins individually worth over $1.5M. As a result they have become the envy of string groups, electric violinists, male or female and any electric string quartet.

Each violin is adorned with over 50,000 individually hand applied, platinum grade Austrian crystals.

British jewellery designer Theo Fennell and British spoke violin manufacturer Bridge Violins soon joined the competition, collaborating on crafting 24-carat golden violins for the duo each worth over $2M. Finished with Theo Fennell Signature golden, diamond, ruby and sapphire skulls, and these instruments are true works of contemporary art.

FUSE can bring all the excitement to your private parties and corporate events using their extraordinary instruments and stunning live entertainment. With an impressive repertoire of cover songs and improvisational pieces, FUSE is an impeccable choice for professional entertainment.

Female Electric String Quartet Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee world's first-ever 24carat golden violins london uk female

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee with the world’s first-ever 24carat golden violins….

They are flexible enough to deliver an energizing performance on stage or simply provide background music of the highest tier. Either way, your patrons will never forget FUSE’s unique blend of visual and musical entertainment.

FUSE exhibits a modern and fresh sound, breathing youthful life into this very popular genre of entertainment. Clients may choose from four different sets of musical genre to fit any occasion: Pop, Dance, Crossover, and Film Soundtracks including their latest productions such as the much celebrated James Bond medley and Queen Medley.

If all this was not enough, your guests will be tantalized at the opportunity to watch the world’s fastest violinist showcase his technical prowess. Ben Lee holds five Guinness World Records as the Fastest Violinist in the World, racing through Rimsky Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee at an astonishing seventeen notes per second.

This incredible musical feat needs to be seen and heard to be believed. Observers have been known to call Ben something of a magician for this unbelievable sleight of hand.

When Linzi and Ben lay into their instruments, they transcend all the expectations of an electric violin performance and define new standards for excellence. Their show knows no boundaries, as their tens of thousands of fans around the world can attest.

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