Ben Lee

Electric String Quartets watch out! Ben is the 5-time Official Guinness World Record holder for the “Fastest Violin Player” in the world… playing all 810 notes of the technically demanding “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsakov at over 17 notes/sec. Ben can truly claim to have the fastest fingers in the world!

Before joining up with Linzi Stoppard to form pioneering string act FUSE, Ben was the cool first choice violin player for some of the biggest bands in the world including The Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, Mark Ronson and White Lies to name only a few!

Ben’s legendary technical ability is key to FUSE successfully setting the new benchmark for all electric string quartet female, male and UK  groups alike.

Linzi Stoppard

Linzi was a successful female recording artist in her own right touring all over the world before developing super string group FUSE with Ben Lee.

With unparalleled star quality, an ambition to match and millions of views on Youtube Linzi is one of the most coveted electric violinists in UK and around the world – Linzi’s online performances receive more advertising from her contemporaries than any other violinist in the world!

Her vision to challenge convention and be one of the most innovative electric string quartet alternatives around was key in forming FUSE’s unique style, accessible sound and captivating musical performance.

Linzi has an enviable media profile, and is also signed to the international Nevs Models Specials Division.