FUSE Violin Duo Performs Sell Out Concert At Singapore Grand Prix F1


FUSE violin duo perform sell out concert at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre at Singapore F1 GP. Check out the pictures from the concert HERE

FUSE are virtuoso musicians Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee who, on their eponymous debut album, harness their bespoke signature Bridge electric violins.

linzi stoppard violinist grand prix 31

linzi stoppard violinist grand prix 31

linzi stoppard fuse at singapore grand prix

Bespoke jewelery brand Swarovski Crystal join forces with the world leading electric violin duo FUSE to create an exclusive one-off pair of million dollar violins, never seen before and to be repeated.

FUSE are virtuoso violinists Linzi Stoppard, former model and daughter-in-law of Sir Tom Stoppard, and Ben Lee, the 2-time Fastest Violin Player in the world Guinness World Record holder. Linzi and Ben formed this dynamic violin duo in 2008.

Both classically trained for the age of 4 and 5 respectively Linzi and Ben explored the boundaries of the acoustic violin but both by different routes decided the electric variation of the instrument was where they wanted to be. At the time classical cross-over was just being born, it was the natural extension for the acoustic instrument but it wasn’t long before both of these world leading musicians coincidentally decided the boundaries needed to be pushed. More and more violinists were switching to cross-over and ultimately ended up performing the same unimaginative music. this was too mundane for Linzi and Ben and hence lead to their fortuitous meeting.

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